Girl or boy: who or what decides?

Did you know the Father determines the sex of the child? It’s not about the sex position, place or time of day. No, really!

By the 18th week of pregnancy, you should be able to tell if you are having a boy or a girl. The father’s sperm determines the sex of the child depending on if it is carrying an X or Y chromosome. The mother’s egg already contains an X chromosome, therefore the sex of a baby is determined by the X or Y chromosome of the father’s sperm. Studies show that your likelihood of having a boy or girl is inherited, meaning if you (the father) have more brothers you are more likely to have sons, while if you have more sisters you are more likely to have daughters. There are lots of myths about things you can do to have a boy or girl; the position during sex (woman on top or lying on her side), the places you have sex (no sex in cupboards is not a magic boy-maker), the time you have sex (odd days or evenings), or the foods you or your wife eat (salty foods, shellfish, etc). But there is no medical proof these work.

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